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Correctional Healthcare is complicated

  • Budget Constraints
  • Treatment Delays
  • Preventable ER visits
  • Inconsistent follow-up sessions
  • Guarding and Transportation cost
  • Improperly maintained medical files

We offer a solution that fits your needs

Telecorrect helps small to medium size jails lower cost of Correctional Medical and Mental Health services

We provide a comprehensive healthcare delivery system which includes access to our proprietary TeleHealth and TelePsych software, our cloud based Electronic Medical Record system and our On-Demand Service Reports system

TeleCorrect service is now available in all 50 States

Secure Online Storage

Paperless patient health history including visit notes, images, labs, & medication records

Clinical Workflow

Digital version of prison’s paper based Medical & Mental Health Encounter Workflow

Instant TeleConnect

Hi-Def video session instantly connects onsite clinician with an offsite doctor or therapist


Share & update encounter notes; Live Video Chat, SMS & Email Messages

Admin Dashboard

Add new users; Security & Data Retention Policy; Workflow Automation


Audit Trails; Clinical & Operational Reports; Value-based impact analysis

Cost Savings

Unlimited video sessions, SMS & Emails; Appointment Scheduler

Learning Center

Educational & Training material; Policy & Procedure; Clinician Mentor Program

Pricing is simple & affordable

We believe in transparency
No surprise fees

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