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Who uses TeleCorrect’s services?

Our services are utilized by small to medium size Correctional Facilities (Rated Capacity from 25 to 500).

We also work with a wide range of Private Healthcare Providers who use our paperless clinical workflow and interactive video software to provide Medical and Mental Health Care.

Our direct clients are:

  1. Correctional Facilities with AND without an existing contract with a Private Healthcare Provider or an In-house Caregiver team.
  2. Private Healthcare Providers of Medical and Mental Health services at Correctional Facilities.

If you are a jail administrator, a senior correctional administrator, a city/county/state or federal official, a stakeholder of a Private Provider looking to lower your cost of inmate healthcare services, we look forward to speaking with you and help you find the right solution that fits both your budget and your service needs.

We help you understand and calculate your return on investment based on both intangible benefits such as improved operational and clinical efficiency and tangible benefits such as reduced expenses, increased profits and a highly visible brand awareness.

How quickly will I be able to start using TeleCorrect’s portal and services?

Give us a call or email us and we will go over your current setup and answer all your questions. You can instantly sign up and start using TeleCorrect’s services. In-fact, you can be online within 5 minutes of signing both the Service Agreement and Business Associate Agreement. We will provide a dedicated service expert to train your staff and also answer any additional service related questions you or your team may have.

Our job is to ensure you are satisfied with TeleCorrect’s services and are able to save money and also improve medical and mental health visits at your Correctional Facility.

What if my jail has an existing contract with a Private Healthcare Provider or we have an In-house Caregiver team?

That’s excellent. You have an existing healthcare staff onsite, now let TeleCorrect’s cloud based services help improve your staff’s Clinical and Operational efficiency, reduce any delay of care issues and save you additional travel and security expenses.

As soon as you sign up for TeleCorrect’s services, we will provide secure portal access and dedicated training expert to assist your onsite caregiver, Doctor, Therapist and office staff.

TeleCorrect’s services will help improve your existing paper based patient medical record keeping system with an online version, and simplify your clinical encounter workflow and reduce preventable ER visits using our interactive video sessions for medical and mental health appointments.

What if my jail does not have an existing contract with a Private Healthcare Provider or have an In-house Caregiver team? Does TeleCorrect provide both software and physical medical staff?

Yes, we can certainly help you with that. We can look at your current/previous service RFP and provide you with a solution that will lower your service cost and also improves access to both Medical and Mental Health specialists.

We can also introduce you to our in-network licensed healthcare provider Southern Health Partners, a leading provider of affordable medical, dental, and mental health services to inmates in county and city jail facilities. Currently, Southern Health Partners operates in over 220 correctional facilities spread across 13 states.

TeleCorrect’s services will be included as part of our in-network licensed healthcare providers inmate healthcare service offering.

What services do you provide to Private Healthcare Providers with an existing healthcare service contract with Correctional Facilities

How about you let us do all the heavy lifting? We will work directly with your Operations and Marketing team to assess your client’s healthcare setup and design a specific inmate healthcare service model that fits their needs and most importantly lowers the cost per inmate treated.

We will train your caregivers and staff and provide platform access to our digital patient medical record keeping system, clinical encounter workflow and interactive video software.

All of these services and our dedicated customer support at a fraction of development cost. Let’s talk

How does TeleCorrect work?

TeleCorrect’s web and mobile app offers care providers and staff a paperless system to create, update and remotely access patient’s medical record and health history including previous visit notes, images, labs, and medication. For onsite clinicians, we provide a digital version of existing paper based Medical and Mental Health forms, lowering problems resulting from incomplete or illegible paper records.

Additionally, the guided clinical workflow allows care-givers to make an applicable healthcare decision including prescribing medication, scheduling follow up visit either onsite or via interactive video session.

Our paperless mental health clinical software includes crisis intervention, suicide prevention and screening, mental health assessment and evaluation, monitoring of mental health medication, referrals when necessary and discharge planning.

During a medical emergency or a scheduled/unscheduled video session, an onsite clinician and offsite Doctor or Therapist can instantly connect via secure video call in real-time.

How did you design TeleCorrect and it’s service features?

We designed and constantly add new modules and service features to TeleCorrect’s portal based on feedback received while working with both the onsite and offsite caregivers, Doctors and Therapists at various jails and correctional facilities.

Simply put, our software mimics caregivers day-to-day healthcare service activities and and replaces the paper-based clinical record keeping and workflow system with a secure online platform.

How is TeleCorrect better than what’s already available in the market today?

TeleCorrect is focused on helping Jails and Private Healthcare Providers reduce inmate healthcare service costs while maintaining or improving inmate patient’s health outcomes. Compared with any other provider in the industry today, you are not required to pay a hefty startup fee or have a long implementation and staff training process. We charge a minimal setup fees, your team will have a simple transition process and can instantly log in and start using TeleCorrect’s services on daily basis.

Our goal is to simplify and facilitate clinical documentation during medical and mental health encounters and to share these documents securely online instead of using the outdated fax machines. Caregivers across the healthcare network can collaborate with each other via text and email messaging service and avoid delay in care issues by using our interactive video service to connect with an remote Doctor or Therapist.

Does TeleCorrect sign Exclusive Agreements?

In short, no.

Our primary goal of entering the Correctional Healthcare space was to lower the cost of inmate care services and to improve Operational and Clinical efficiency. We work closely with all our clients and their caregiver team regardless of the size of the facility or their contract length or what service plan they sign-up for.

That being said, we value the privacy of our customers and we go to great lengths to ensure nothing proprietary or strategic is shared with any other party. We are thankful for the opportunity of working with you and take our position as a service provider very seriously.

What is TeleCorrect’s Pricing Policy for Correctional Facilities and Private Providers

Pricing is transparent and affordable. We have based our pricing policy according to the Correctional Industry pricing standard. You pay based on the size of the Correctional Facility and the service features you need (i.e. Per inmate bed – Per day). We do not upsell and/or offer features that you will not need or use. We offer all our clients an option to try out new features and services for a limited period and an option to add them to their existing service contract.

You pay a monthly fee, which is to be paid quarterly upfront. There is no additional fees, ZERO surprises. Your upfront service setup fee is minimal. We can also provide hardware (tablet, computer, camera, wireless router etc) and help you setup internet service plus any additional technical setup support at the Correctional Facility for a minimal fee.

Where is TeleCorrect available?

Available across The United States (The Lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii and District of Columbia)
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